Sue Gray Report

ABV: 6.0%

Style: Garden Table Beer

Malt: Ex-pale base malt, Naked malted oats, Torrified Wheat, Wheat Malt, Caragold

Hops: Mosaic, Summit, Sorachi Ace

Tasting Notes: Unlike some other similarly named things we've not been instructed by The Met to include or exclude any items from our original draft plans and we actually released this when it was ready. Our Mosaic, Sorachi Ace and Summit hopped Garden Table Beer was made in collaboration with The Hornet Alehouse Chichester. Tropical coconut, mango and grapefruit flavours drive the rich flavour palate of this pillowy hazy IPA. This Covid rules safe beverage pairs well with important work meetings, gardens and cake.

Available: SOLD OUT

Allergens: May contain gluten from barley, oats and Wheat. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS