About us

It’s safe to say that we love beer. In fact we love beer so much that we started our own brewery and it’s an employment requirement that everyone who joins our team shares that passion. Obviously we’re a business so we have to make a profit each year so we can carry on working in the industry we love and we’ve been doing that for over a decade by making the best beer that we can.

You may not always (ever) understand our sense of humour but there’s definitely a streak of mischief running through all of us. There are hidden messages in some of our artwork which you may, or may not, have already noticed. If you think we’re consumed with our own importance then you’re greatly mistaken. Sure there’s a load of things we have to take seriously and professionally while we’re working so that our products are consistent and we adhere to all the required legal standards but after that we’re only interested in having some fun and making beer. We might also occasionally be a bit sweary.

We firmly believe that beer is a social beverage that tastes better if you’re consuming it in a pub, bar, or club and even more so if you’re engaged in conversation. We’ve built our operation around this belief which is why we don’t package any of our products in bottles or cans.

tl;dr – Beer and laughs. Not bullshit.